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Paiement - SYSTEMPAY


With our transporter Géodis-Calberson, we guarantee a delivery in maximum 72 hours, everywhere in France (except Corsica). It could be longer for export.

Natixis Paiements is pleased to announce the birth of their new SYSTEMPAY e-commerce payment platform on behalf of the Natixis banking network.

  • Developed in partnership with LYRA NETWORK, this new payment solution is PCI-DSS V2.0 compliant and has 3DS approval as standard.
  • Download Lyra Network PCI DSS Certificate The SYSTEMPAY platform replaces the SIPS-ATOS technical solution and the old SPPLUS platform in the marketing of new contracts in the networks concerned.
  • You will find below the presentation documents and the implementation guides of the SYSTEMPAY solution. These documents are also available at the following address: Documentations

FUNCTIONALITIES, Miscellaneous questions For any information on SystemPay's functionalities, you can contact your account manager, consult the F.A.Q

TECHNICAL QUESTIONS? You can consult the F.A.Q section Dedicated technical support is available to answer your integration issues. Use the contact form Cyberplus Paiement Telephone: 0811 363 364 Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Service 0.06 € / min + call price). SPPLUS Telephone: 0810 004 724 from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Service 0.06 € / min + call price).

Merchant Back Office:

logo france expressIf you want a faster delivery in 24 hours, we choose France Express's services. This implies an additional charge of 50 euros. This service is not offered for Corsica.


If you only order accessories or spare parts, we use La Poste's services (Colissimo). The shipping time is of approximately 48 hours.