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Antivol Modèle AXA Bordo Alarm 6000A


139,96 €

Product description

-Security level: 10 out of 15

-Dimensions: 90cm

-Strong 5mm silicone coated joints for a good protection of the bike's paint

-Alarms goes on for 15 seconds (100 dB)

-The alarm is based on the ABUS 3D system, which detects the slightest movement

-Intelligent alarm: in the event of light and rapid movement, the lock will only emit a short warning tone

-Different tones inform about the condition of the battery and the activation of the alarm

-Rivets connect the joints to each other

-A jointed construction allows the lock to be easily folded down to a compact format

-The ABUS Plus cylinder offers a very efficient protection against any attempt of manipulation such as lock picking

-Delivered with two keys and its SH support

-2-year warranty